WordPress SEO plugins updated January 12th 2011.

WordPress is very good out the box for SEO, but it’s not perfect, a combination of a good WordPress SEO theme like the Stallion WordPress SEO Theme and a few select WordPress SEO Plugins and WordPress becomes a brilliant WordPress SEO CMS.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin

The Stallion WordPress SEO plugin was created by yours truly, it’s role is to conserve SEO link benefit from parts of a WordPress blog you don’t want indexing. WordPress login/admin pages, monthly archives are the most obvious uses of this WordPress SEO plugin.

WordPress SEO Plugin

Other WordPress SEO Plugins like the Yoast and All In One WordPress plugins use nofollow and noindex to achieve the same, but nofollow and noindex are SEO damaging!

If you currently use WordPress SEO plugins like the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin or the WordPress All in One SEO Plugin to noindex and nofollow parts of your site you are wasting/deleting a lot of link benefit the Stallion WordPress SEO plugin can recover.

Read more about the Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin.

Download Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin
Updated November 2011

Stallion Related Posts WordPress SEO Plugin

The Stallion version of the Contextual Related Posts Plugin includes bug fixes and SEO code improvements including fixing an issue with the related posts plugin generating a lot of database queries on archive pages (like the home page) where the plugin output wasn’t even used.

If you are a Stallion WordPress SEO Theme user the Stallion version uses the built in Timthumb script to cache the thumbnails (reduces bandwidth, site loads faster) and uses the Stallion thumbnail images.

Screenshot of the output of this WordPress SEO Plugin
Related Posts WordPress SEO Plugin

The thumbnails are generated from and in priority order:

  • WordPress Featured Image – uses thumbnail of Featured Image, default 150px by 150px (set under Settings >> Media : Thumbnail size).
  • Stallion Featured Thumbnail – Stallion Theme users only, uses the Timthumb.php script (part of Stallion) to generate a small image from the Stallion Featured Thumbnail.
  • First Image of Post – Uses full size of 1st image found (could be a large or small image).
  • Image Derived from YouTube Video – Uses a small thumbnail image from http://img.youtube.com/
  • Default article.gif – Uses the default article.gif image (blinking cartoon) or the image set by you.

If you’ve been using the Contextual Related Posts Plugin including my SEO version prior to December 2011 please deactivate and use the zip file below.

Download Stallion Related Posts WordPress SEO Plugin
Updated January 2012 – download will work soon

Stallion Fresh Content WordPress SEO Plugin

Comming soon…. working on the code.

©Feed WordPress SEO Plugin

This WordPress SEO plugin adds copyright information to your RSS feeds, you can use the plugin to add text links back to your site from sites that scrape your content via your RSS feed. The original CopyFeed plugin is good, I’ve created an SEO version that’s better that you can download below.

The CopyFeed SEO Version can do everything the original does, plus by default links to your home page with the title of your site as the anchor text (strange this wasn’t a default option, seems obvious). I’ve created a search engine optimized default settings for the plugin that require little setup.

Activate the plugin, go to the plugins options page (under Settings >> ©Feed), paste the suggested “Possible key” into the “digital fingerprint” box, scroll near the bottom and click the “Update Options” button.

This will give every post in your RSS feed a link back to that post, a link back to up to three related posts and a link back to home. All with search engine optimized anchor text. If a lot of sites scrape your content this could generate a lot of backlinks (not high quality, but they all help). You can change the defaults, those are the settings I use.

You can confirms it’s worked by checking your RSS feed page (reload it a few times if the links don’t show).

Download CopyFeed SEO Plugin
Updated: September 2011 (works fine in WordPress 3.3: December 2011)

Broken Link Checker WordPress SEO Plugin

This WordPress SEO plugin checks your entire WordPress site fpr broken links and gives you the option to remove, fix or ignore them.

I manage over 70 WordPress sites and I thought I was doing a good job keeping track of dead links etc… Was I wrong!!! I’ve found dozens of dead links I added manually, loads from comments from years ago.

A must use WordPress SEO Plugin.

Broken Link Checker WordPress SEO Plugin

More WordPress SEO Plugins to follow soon…

David Law : AKA SEO Dave, Search Engine Optimization Consultant at SEO Gold Services, Internet Marketer, Developer of the Best WordPress SEO Theme and Nice Guy :-) This is an example of the Stallion WordPress SEO Themes author biography box, everything within this box is built into the Stallion theme.

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